Gongura pacchadi

Ingredients :

Gongura : 1/4 kg

Fenugreek seeds : ½ tablespoon

Mustard seeds :  ½ tablespoon

Garlic – 10-15 cloves

Salt : as required

Oil :  as required

Red chillies : 15

*** Add red chillies depending upon your taste ***

Procedure :

1.Wash the leaves and let them dry.Let them dry on a clean cotton cloth.

2.Take a dry pan ,add one spoon of oil to it.

3.Now add fenugreek seeds.Let the seeds roast till you get a nice aroma of fenugreek seeds.

4.Remove fenugreek seeds and now add mustard seeds.Roast until the seeds color get slightly changed.

5.Now add red chillies and fry them.

6.Allow all of these to cool for a few minutes.

7.Add 6-7 tablespoons of oil to the pan.Once oil heats up add gongura and fry it.Add more oil if required and make sure that this is fried properly.Once fried allow it to cool for a few minutes.

7.Now take a mixie jar add fenugreek, mustard and red chillies and grind them to a fine powder.

8.Take some powder and keep it aside.Add garlic to the remaining powder and grind once.To this,add the fried gongura leaves,salt and grind all the ingredients mix properly.

9.Enjoy gongura pickle with hot rice.

**If u feel that you can add more hotness add the ground powder which is kept aside.Store excess powder in an air tight container.This powder can also be used for other pickles, some of the dals(tomato,mango…).**

**Use ground nut oil to add more taste**


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