Mooli (Raddish) Parantha

Mooli(radish) Paratha


Wheat flour -2 cups
Radish.         -2 small to medium sized
Green chillies-5(finely chopped)
Jeera         – 1/2 table spoon
Turmeric powder  -pinch
Salt – as required
Water- to mix up the dough
Garlic- 3 to 4 cloves(Chop 2 cloves to small pieces)
Garam masala -1/2 table spoon
Redchilli powder- 3/4 tablespoons

1.Grate one radish and keep it aside.Leave it for 10 minutes and then squeeze excess water from it.This water can also be used to mix dough.

2.Take a mixie jar and add remaining radish by making it to small pieces, half of the chopped green chillies, half of the garlic,jeera,turmeric powder, salt and grind it to a coarse paste.

3.Add this ground mixture,garam masala,red chilli powder remaining chopped green chillies,chopped garlic and mix it well.Do not add water at this step as radish itself has some water.

4.After mixing this well add a little water if required and a spoon of oil.

5.Make parathas from this dough and fry them using a tava.

6.Serve hot hot Mooli Paratha with mixed raitha.


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  1. Very nice 🙂 Sure I will try


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